How to verify that Comparison Shopping Services significantly reduce your Google Ads expenses?

Discover how Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) can transform your Google Shopping Ads strategy, leading to significant cost savings and improved ad performance. In this insightful article, we delve into Google's own admissions about CSS charges, present concrete data from showcasing the effectiveness of external CSS platforms, and highlight the strategic adoption of CSS by Europe's largest advertisers.

1. Google officialy states that they charge you for using their CSS.

Google Shopping applies a consistent markup to the cost-per-click (CPC) fees that advertisers pay during the Google auction process. This markup is Google Shopping’s way of charging for the service of displaying Shopping ads. Essentially, the markup amount is subtracted from the bids that advertisers make before those bids are submitted in the auction. This means that the actual bid entered into the auction is reduced by the amount of Google Shopping’s fee, so Google charges you twice – once as the Google Ads in the action, for the second time as the CSS.

How to verify that Comparison Shopping Services significantly reduce your Google Ads expenses? - - 1


2. We have concrete evidence of effectiveness.

For those who seek more than just testimonials and theoretical benefits, has compiled solid data demonstrating the real-world effectiveness of using an external CSS. By visiting our detailed comparison page at’s comparison of advertising with and without a CSS partner, you can see firsthand the tangible impact our CSS platform has on advertising performance. This evidence showcases the distinct advantages in cost savings and efficiency between campaigns run with traditional Google Shopping CSS and those optimized through It’s a clear, data-driven representation of how our CSS solution translates into superior ad performance and cost-effectiveness for your business. This additional layer of transparency affirms our commitment to helping you make the most informed decision possible regarding your advertising strategy.

3. Biggest advertisers in Europe (Kaufland, Amazon, Lidl, Allegro, Alza, eMag…) are all using external CSS programmes.

The largest advertisers across Europe, including prominent names such as Kaufland, Amazon, Lidl, Allegro, Alza, and eMag, are increasingly leveraging external Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) programs to optimize their advertising strategies. By integrating with external CSS platforms, these major retailers are able to participate in Google’s advertising auctions in a more cost-effective manner. This strategic move enables them to reduce the costs associated with Google Shopping Ads, thereby maximizing their advertising spend efficiency. The adoption of external CSS programs by these industry giants underscores the significant financial and strategic advantages that can be gained from optimizing the way in which product ads are presented and bid for in Google’s competitive auction environment. This trend reflects a broader shift in the e-commerce and retail sectors towards more innovative and cost-efficient advertising solutions, as businesses seek to enhance their online visibility and sales performance while managing advertising expenditures more effectively.

4. You can try it yourself!

If the knowledge that some of the biggest brands in Europe are utilizing external CSS platforms to maximize their advertising efficiency, coupled with Google’s own admission of charging an extra markup on CPC, hasn’t fully convinced you of the potential benefits, there’s another compelling way to see the value for yourself. offers you a risk-free, hands-on experience through our 30-day free trial. This no-commitment trial provides you with a firsthand look at how much you can save and how much more efficiently your ads can perform when you leverage our CSS platform. It’s an opportunity to witness the tangible benefits without any upfront investment. This trial period is designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of our system in real terms, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your own results. If you’re looking for a sign to explore how you can spend less and achieve more with your Google Shopping Ads, this is it. Try today, and see the difference for yourself.

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