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Partner program for marketing agencies

We are committed to maximizing the impact of your shopping advertisements. Our objective is to assist you in attracting new clients, boosting your sales, or enhancing your profit margins. To achieve this, we have partnered with esteemed digital marketing agencies across Europe. 

Why do we love working with marketing agencies?

Partners - - 2



You know your clients, and they know you; they are more likely to listen to explanations from you.

Partners - - 3



You understand how Google Shopping works, which makes our job easier since we don’t have to explain everything from scratch.

Partners - - 4



You have not just one but several clients, which is why collaborating with you involves paying commissions. However, it also brings the potential for multiple accounts to get involved with you.

Partners - - 5



When agencies recognize the benefits of our program, they regularly bring us new clients.

Join the hundreds of participating agencies and deliver better campaign performance for your clients too!

Plus, you’ll earn a 30% commission for each client for the entire duration of their involvement in the program!


Partners - - 7

Our collaborative efforts with these agencies are geared towards fostering your growth. They possess a thorough understanding of how to leverage to optimize the efficacy of your shopping advertisements, ensuring you reap the benefits of refined digital marketing strategies.

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