How to Maximize the Benefits of CSS and Choose the Right CSS for your business

Understanding how CSS (Comparison Shopping Service) works in the initial days of activation is crucial. It's advised not to make significant changes to your Google Ads interface during the trial period. Allowing the 30-day trial to pass enables a comprehensive evaluation of your campaigns' performance with CSS advantages.

Post the trial period, you have several options:

  • Maintain Current Settings:

Despite the reduced Cost Per Click (CPC) benefits brought by CSS, it’s wise to retain your existing budgets. Most advertisers are accustomed to their prior budgets and maintaining them can enhance campaign performance by up to 20%.

  • Reduce Budgets Strategically:

You can consider reducing budgets to 20% on Shopping and Performance Max campaigns after assessing the CSS’s impact on your CPC. This allows cost savings without compromising campaign performance.

  • Increase Budgets and Expand Campaigns:

Increasing the budget can yield a higher return on investment, especially with CSS. It enhances online advertising, boosts competitiveness, and might even help you surpass your competitors.

Why Verteco CSS is beneficial to your online shop?

Flexible Cost Reduction: CSS can save up to 20% of your default CPC, benefiting both small family businesses and large international e-shops. The savings reflect in increased website traffic and order numbers.

Expected Results from Verteco CSS:

Enhanced Performance: Utilizing CSS without altering your ad spend can boost performance by up to 20%. Increased clicks can improve the conversion rate, making your budget more efficient.

Competitive Edge: If your competition lacks a CSS Partner, you can outperform them by utilizing CSS efficiently. If they have a CSS Partner, finding your own becomes essential to level the playing field.

Free Trial: Experience our CSS program for 30 days at no cost. We offer expert advice on Shopping and Performance Max ads. If satisfied, you’ll pay only 19€ / month / Google Merchant Center account. 

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