marketing agencies
to excel.
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We help marketing agencies in EU
to get better results for their clients
in Google Shopping Ads.

Why us?

As a CSS partner, we offer your marketing agency the best price, support and service in EU.

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No matter if you have tens or hundreds of accounts – we will provide you best service for best price. We can integrate with your system and we can provide account switches without big effort.

With our support centre and friendly team, we are here for you. If you need any help with your shopping campaigns, you can let us know anytime.

We work independently from online marketing agencies – you can be sure that we are here for your best interest. In field of online marketing, we are your partner, not a competitor.

We provide best value for the price. With our flexible and transparent prices, you always know how much you pay.

We provide a solution that allows you to save up to 20% on advertising costs, leveraging a legal ruling against Google in the EU due to its monopolistic market position.

Take a look how much can verteco.shop save of your budget!

If your monthly spend is 5000 €,

you will save 1000

how do we calculate that? see more

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Oletko valmis maksimoimaan Google Shopping -mainostesi tehokkuuden? Älä missaa mahdollisuutta säästää jopa 20 % mainoskuluistasi. 

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